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Time: 2018 - 02 - 26
ASTM D 3475-1995(2003)(Classification of Child-Resistant Packages)The United States was the earliest country to conduct research on child safety packaging and develop testing methods and standards, and its standards and regulations for child safety packaging are relatively rich and complete. In the American Society for Testing and Materials (AST M) standard catalog, there are a total of 9 standards related to child safety packaging, which provide specific requirements for som...
Time: 2021 - 06 - 17
To determine whether the CRP model meets the requirements of this standard, the effectiveness evaluation of child resistance and advanced adult use should be conducted according to the complete or sequential protocol. (1) Select ProtocolThe testing protocol should be selected before testing begins. Changing the testing protocol is not allowed.(2) Complete protocol testingA complete protocol testing for the effectiveness of resistance in children and the effectiveness of advanced adult use s...
Time: 2021 - 05 - 25
Test Method for Minimum Tightening Torque of Spinning CapsIn the AST M standard catalog, the test standard for the minimum tightening torque of pressure spinning covers is AST M D 3810-1997 (2002) 'Test Method for Minimum Application Torque of Type IA Child Resilient Closures'. The main purpose of this test method is to determine the minimum tightening torque value to verify the usage time of the child protection characteristics of the pressure spinning cover. The minimum tightening torq...
Time: 2021 - 05 - 25
Test Method for Reverse Ratchet Torque of Spinning CoverIn the AST M standard catalog, the test standard for reverse ratchet torque of pressure spinning covers is ASTM D 3472-1997 (2002) 'Test Method for Reverse Ratchet Torque of Type IA Child Resistent Closures'. This test method is mainly used for torque detection of child safety covers that rotate counterclockwise. The experimental equipment is a torque detector that detects the torque of the child safety cover rotating counterclockwi...
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