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Reliability testing, chemical testing, food safety testing, electrical safety testing, battery testing, toy testing, biological testing, metrological testing
Conventional system, information system industry system, food industry system, medical device, automotive industry system
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Optical calibration, length calibration, mechanical calibration, electrical calibration
ABOUT US Shenzhen Beide Technology Testing Co., Ltd. Beide (Shenzhen) Product Service Limited is a subsidiary of Beide (UK) Product Service Limited, a testing agency. The company was established in Shenzhen Special Zone in July 2006 in accordance with the law, with a registered capital of 3 million yuan.The main scope of business includes testing and certification consulting services for electronic products, mechanical products, chemical products, toys, building materials, textiles, agricultural products, and security products, belonging to a third-party independent testing agency.The company currently has a business area of over 2500 square meters, including a technical center laboratory and sample room of over 1000 square meters, a marketing center business department and customer service department of over 800 square meters, and a management center meeting room, reception area, reception room, manager's room, and finance room of 700 square meters; The venue is spacious, neatly arranged, ...
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Address: 6 / F, building e, hourui third industrial zone, Xixiang, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
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